ATV Fender Flares - Honda TRX 420 TM / FM / FE 2014 - 2021

ATV Fender Flares - Honda

  • TRX420 (TM1) / ES (TE1)                                                2014 - 2021 
  • TRX420 4X4 (FM1) / 4X4 ES (FE1) / 4X4 EPS (FM2)     2014 - 2021 
  • TRX420 4X4 DCT (FA1) / 4X4 DCT EPS (FA2)               2014 - 2021 

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These over fenders provide you with extra protection and greatly enhance the look of your ATV. 
The material used for this product is HMW hair cell polyethelyne. This material is rigid yet flexible enough to withstand all the potential abuse an ATV rider can drum up. 
Custom designed and made via vacuum forming process these over fenders follow the natural lines of the existing fenders. 
Once installed, they look like as though they came directly from the factory. 
This product greatly enhances the look of your ATV while adding unsurpassed extra protection against flying debris and mud. 
Ideal for the ATV enthusiast who has upgraded to larger wheels and is now getting soaked or the rider who simply wishes to give his ATV that custom look! This is the solution for you! You will not be disappointed! 
This item includes all the necessary hardware for installation as well as detailed instructions.



    Limited 12 months Warranty Offered on all products except CDIs.

Application / montage de la piëce

Modële Code Annèe Moteur
TRX420FA 145.OFSH5000 2014 HONDA 420cc
TRX420FA 145.OFSH5000 2015 HONDA 420cc
TRX420FA 145.OFSH5000 2016 HONDA 420cc
TRX420FA 145.OFSH5000 2017 HONDA 420cc
TRX420FA 145.OFSH5000 2018 HONDA 420cc
TRX420FE 145.OFSH5000 2014 HONDA 420cc
TRX420FE 145.OFSH5000 2015 HONDA 420cc
TRX420FE 145.OFSH5000 2016 HONDA 420cc
TRX420FM 145.OFSH5000 2014 HONDA 420cc
TRX420FM 145.OFSH5000 2015 HONDA 420cc
TRX420FM 145.OFSH5000 2016 HONDA 420cc
TRX420TE 145.OFSH5000 2014 HONDA 420cc
TRX420TE 145.OFSH5000 2015 HONDA 420cc
TRX420TE 145.OFSH5000 2016 HONDA 420cc
TRX420TM 145.OFSH5000 2014 HONDA 420cc
TRX420TM 145.OFSH5000 2015 HONDA 420cc
TRX420TM 145.OFSH5000 2016 HONDA 420cc

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