CRC | GDI Valve Cleaner | 500ml | 32548-AA

Dissolves baked-on carbon deposits, increases power and reduces rough idle.



• Excellent GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) valve deposit removal

• Cleans carbon and gum deposits on the back of the air intake valves

• Dissolves and lifts deposits from all types of gasoline powered engines

• 150 times more concentrated than premium fuel additives


• Increases power and torque

• Reduces emissions and improves fuel economy

• No top-engine disassembly

• Safe on turbos and intercoolers

• Stabilizes rough idle




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How to Use

  • Warm up engine.

  • Locate throttle body and spray product directly through throttle body.

  • If throttle body is not easily accessible,
    spray PAST the mass air flow (MAF) sensor - DO NOT spray the MAF sensor.

  • Lift the PermaStraw® Dual-Action Spray System and lock into place.

  • With engine running at 2000 RPM, spray product in short bursts until can is empty.

  • Once can is empty, accelerate the engine 2 to 3 times without exceeding 3500 RPM.

  • Run at idle for one minute, then turn engine off.

  • Reassemble air intake system and let engine heat-soak for 1 hour.

  • Restart engine and drive at highway speeds for at least 10 minutes.

  • For complete usage instructions and safety guidelines, please read the entire product label before using.



    Limited 12 months Warranty Offered on all products except CDIs.

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